14 September 2014

Britishmania: Fab Four Tribute Band OWNED It Last Night!

I LOVE the Beatles! If you are a regular reading of TBS, or if you know me socially offline, then you are more than aware of my admiration and adoration of the Fab Four and their music! Let it be known, that while I am into their music and I am familiar with the artist's lives during that time, I do not idolize them, nor do I give them any of the respect and attention that I reserve for God. Would I have been a screaming crazy fan in the 1964 when they came to America? Heck, yes, but I still would give all of my Love and worship to Him! Ok, so where was I? Oh yes, now I remember..

13 September 2014

Thank God for Big Finish Productions!

* UPDATE *:  For those of you wondering, yes, I was true to my word:  I have given up on NuWho. While Peter Capaldi is a very good actor, the role has been reworked to treat the Doctor as if he were deranged and not in his right mind, almost like a time-travelling dementia sufferer!

I recognize that regeneration is a difficult process, but over the course of four episodes (no, I did not watch any further ones after "Deep Breath", just saw the trailers, as well as read the synopses online - THAT was bad enough!), he has not really gotten any better. He appears to stumble, becoming darker and more lost. I almost wish the show had concluded with Matt Smith's departure, as this is just terrible, absolutely horrible!

And, dear God, enough with that damned sonic screwdriver! It's like a virtual deus ex machina, or something, for every story since the show came back on in 2005, finding itself more overused with Steven Moffat's ascension to the "throne" of Showrunner! I thought the show was titled 'Doctor Who', not 'Doctor Who and his AMAZING SONIC SCREWDRIVER'!

I remember all the way back in Season 19, partway into the Fifth Doctor's initial Season. It was the story entitled "The Visitation", in which the Doctor (played by Peter Davison) watches as the Terrileptil destroys his sonic screwdriver before him. The sonic screwdriver would not be seen again until the TV movie, in which we see the Eighth Doctor (played by Paul McGann) use it. Mind you, 8Doc uses it, but he does not rely on it like some kind of virtual crutch!

The Doctor is smart, brilliant, in fact! That said, he should be able to get out of jams without the need for that wretched device! Come on, Moff, stop being lazy - give the WHO community better writing than that!

Thankfully, as I have said before, there is Big Finish Productions (link)! There were some initial "hiccups" along the way since the audio production company's creation in 1996, but there have been far more hits than misses (something I can not say the same in regard to NuWho!). Even their 50th anniversary audio tribute, "The Light at the End" was far better, and more of a tribute, than Moffat's "Day of the Doctor"!

Now, if you'll excuse, I think I shall go listen to a Big Finish WHO audio as I get ready to go see Britishmania, a Beatles tribute band..