01 May 2015

Avengers Assembled! But, Was It Worth It?

Okay, tomorrow is FCBD (that's "Free Comic Book Day" for those of you reading who are just not all that nerdy) 2015! AND, today was the U.S. release date for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', the sequel to 2012's 'The Avengers'. Tam-Tam and I went this evening, so it seems a fine time for a spoiler-free review! YAY!

First off, let me just warn you, you are in for another looong film! At the end of it all, it kinda felt more like "Man, that was a loooong film" instead of a "Wow, I can't believe the film is over already! Didn't feel that long!".

25 March 2015

Affordable Shitty Health Insurance and a Fat Governor Named Christie..

I have my wife, our dogs, faith in God and His plan. It should be enough, and, while to some degree, is. But, at the end of the day, there are things in play - things that, unfortunately, require some kind of attention/notice from my wife and/or me. And it's those "things" which has begun to cause things to undone..

First and foremost is something that I have mentioned a number of times over the years, either on this blog, or the one I used to maintain:  New Jersey. The state is an over-priced nightmare! It is not only difficult to find good-paying jobs with proper benefits (yeah, remember those days? Where employers actually gave you insurance, where employee benefits didn't suck ass? Or how about insurance companies that actually gave you something for the money you pay into? Yeah, me, neither! *HEAVY sarcasm*), but renting costs are insanely ridiculous!

In the state capital in Trenton, NJ has the fattest, most ignorant bastard as its mayor. Governor Chris Christie was a political pig neither my wife nor I voted for. The man has brought nothing but more shame and disappointment to a state that has been plagued by shame and disappointment for far, far too long! He's done nothing for education, nor has he really helped unemployment in any way! And on top of that, the man must have brass balls indeed, for he still believes he stands a chance at making his way into the White House as President! Ha, good luck with that, douche-a-saurus!

Another factor contributing to a sea of sorrow nearly as big as the Atlantic Ocean is health insurance. When President Obama announced his plan to ensure that all Americans would be able to afford health insurance, Tam-Tam and I were delighted! It seemed like a well-earned slap in face against Mitt Romney and his Ridiculous Republican cronies! Unfortunately, those same "cronies" got their way, poking and prodding at the Affordable Healthcare Plan, with the end result not being exactly as it was intended.

And before anyone goes there, I am not attacking President Obama here. The man had a great concept (hell, socialized healthcare works in Europe and Canada - just apparently not here, where everyone else in power has their head up their ass! Come on, people, socialism is not the same thing as communism! SHEESH!), but thanks to the GOP, it got warped!

What makes the Affordable Healthcare Act even more of a mess is the insurance companies themselves! So, yeah, it's in place that pretty much everyone can afford insurance, but the insurance you are getting ain't worth crap! Between the unreachable deductibles, as well as other laughable costs attached, the plans available to Americans are unfair and not worth paying a dime! And what's to blame for that? The same thing that has helped to keep Gov. Chris Christie's fat, bloated ass to maintain his corpulence:  Greed!

Oh, and lest I forget how employers are now having a field day! Now that Americans have the opportunity to push affordable [shitty] health insurance, employers have either begun to offer equally shitty health insurance or no health insurance at all. Yeah, pretty sweet, right? I think the late Bill Hicks summed it up best when, in one of his performances, he called America "the capitalist gangbang". Man, I miss his sarcastic wit!

So, at this point, my wife and I are paying for insurance that is worthless! All that money out the window! Wow, I just had a great idea! Instead of giving the money to the insurance companies, we should just open our front window and throw it out in fistfuls to the wind! That way, it might get to someone who will do more with that the equally-bloated insurance companies!

At this point, Tam-Tam and I are trying to figure a way out of this mess. We are determined to get out of New Jersey, leaving behind this mess, hoping to find a new life elsewhere! Our hope, and intention, is that we need to have it done by September, but at this time,  it is looking, as the Magic 8-Ball says, "Reply hazy, try again". We still have our faith, but we sure could use some extra prayers to get us to where we need to be..