22 February 2015

The Great Social Experiment(s)

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So, a new Year is already under way, nearly 3 months in and counting. Seems like perfect time to dust off the blog and check in with all my irregular readers (hey, I'm an irregular blogger, so it works, right?)..

2015 has been an interesting year, to some degree. I am continuing with my new job as one-on-one aide, working with a remarkable young student with such a unique personality and a great appreciation for history! After far-too-many years in administrative jobs, as well as working with invoicing/billing, it is so refreshing to work with a human being appreciative of what I am doing for them, as well as the knowledge I am truly helping someone! It really makes a difference when looking at oneself  in the mirror in the morning!

05 October 2014

The Bangles at the World Cafe Live: Walking Egyptians and So Much More..!!

In just over 6 weeks, I will be 46 years old! I can remember being head over heels for the Bangles, nearly 30 years ago! I had all their albums on cassette initially, and then, with the advent of compact discs, on CD. I can even recall videotaping, in 1986, their concert on MTV from the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh, PA (it was related to a contest that MTV had held, back when a) they actually played music videos and b) when MTV actually played music videos that were about "sippin' 40's..", "smokin' weed..", or "twerking") and watching it QUITE often, even as recently as about 5 years, just before I met my wife Tam-Tam, as well as before the VCR went buh-byes! Yeah, I was a big fan! But, despite that fan appreciation, I never did get to see them live ... that is, until last night!