24 August 2014

Why I Am Giving up on NuWHO, AKA Let's Remove Moff!

** Unintentional SPOILERS Ahead! **

Okay, I said I was pretty much done with this being a blog about reviews, but after last night's 'Doctor Who' Series 8 Premiere, I felt the need to speak
up ... especially considering mine will probably be the only negative review (from what I have skimmed from the interwebs thus far).

As I said in the day before yesterday's posting, I was interested in seeing "Deep Breath". There were a lot of good things said about advance "Press Only" screenings of the premiere, as well as comments made by fellow actors in regard to Peter Capaldi. In particular, for me, was Paul McGann's remark at the London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) in July:  "..we may have the best Doctor on our hands." All of these combined were enough to renew interest in Series 8's return last night.

However, those renewed feelings were soon washed away within the first few minutes of the episode's beginning...

22 August 2014

My Thoughts on Saturday's return of 'Doctor Who'

Sorry for the delay in posting of late. It would seem that I been trying to enjoy Life, putting some distance between myself and the computer. But, enough of that, I am here now, writing away, to give you some good stuff to chomp away. Yay!

*     *     *     *     *

With the Beeb taking a dump on the U.S. as far as Classic WHO DVDs (many of the pre-NuWho DVDs have gone out-of-print on this side of the Atlantic - titles like "Ghost Light", "The Invasion", even "Planet of Fire" and "Ghost Light" - giving resellers a "Sellers Market" with prices ranging anywhere from $60/used to as high as $130! However, in the show's native UK, the DVDs continue to remain in print!), I've been trying to grab up some of the classics whenever a good deal comes along.

I recently had the good fortune of finding Pat Troughton's final 2nd Doctor story, "The War Games", on eBay for $30 brand new! I also was able to snag my other favorite 2nd Doctor story, "The Invasion", on Amazon for $35 (It was $60, but I had a $25 gift card). It's sad that this is happening! I had hoped the BBC would keep them in print over here as well!

Ah, now then, where was I going with this? Yes, now I remember..