10 July 2014

Freedom Fest State Fair 2014: Rockin' with the Glimmer Twins!

Every year around this time, Allentown, New Jersey is host to the Freedom Fest State Fair. It's a fun little week long event that showcases local vendors of produce, as well as amusement rides and various local food merchants.  In addition to all of that, it is also host to several different bands each night of the fair.

My wife (Tam-Tam!) and I went last night, for our first time attending, to see the Fair, as well as to check out The Glimmer Twins (link), Philadelphia's own Rolling Stones tribute band (and from what I saw last night, they lived up to what I'd heard before going to see them:  that they are one of the very BEST RS tribute bands out there!). She and I had a blast, feeling like teenagers again, "Oooh'ing" and "Aaah'ing" at the amusement rides lit up, as well as all the sights and sounds we let our senses indulge in!

16 June 2014

And Now Your Moment of LOLZ...

Eddie Izzard's "Doctor Who and the Daleks" stand-up routine
(courtesy of Kasterborous.com)